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Top Social Media Tips and Strategy To Boost Your Business and Sale

Top Social Media Tips and Strategy To Boost Your Business and Sale

Any social media essay will update how businesses are joining the social media bandwagon and the way early movers are making leads and gained traction in brand building.

True, social media has the flexibility to attain business goals via a plethora of social channels. Among the social media advantages, many marketers would vouch for the equalizer role as the most special as it reduces the gap between rich business and moderately resourced business owners in marketing their wares.

The advent of social media has opened amazing marketing options for small businesses. But any approach with a flawed perception that Social media is a sales channel will backfire. It needs to be understood as a way to engage with fans and potential customers and not a broadcasting channel.

Before taking the plunge into social media, a business must answer the following questions — Why you want to be present on social media?” “What social media has your best target audience?”

If they are convinced there is a looming stake, then mark out a clear social media strategy that can pave way for a successful marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All it needs is creativity and a decent knowledge of the target audience.

New social media ideas have made consideration on huge budgets redundant. The focus has shifted to the way marketing dollars are to be spent to get the best ROI. Even brands with moderate resources are finding social media as the best for a maximum bang on limited bucks.

Top Social Media Tips and Strategy To Boost Your Business and Sale

Choose the Best Social Media platform

In assessing where the target audience is spending their online time never go by assumptions. Only hard data gives a realistic view. The fact is that 82 percent of millennials still use Facebook and it is still the best.

Among the best social media tips, the advice to pursue a slow and steady approach is most sensible. Newbies or new businesses embracing social media marketing must adopt a calibrated approach and start off with sites like Facebook and Twitter before expanding to other outlets.

Work under a Strategy for Better Results

PR Smith’s famous SOSTAC marketing model is also applicable in the social media context. Under this social media marketing strategy, situational analysis has more significance; it is a thorough review of outpost performance data vis competitors. This will bear out how business sales have been positively impacted by the social factor at the performing indicators such as traffic volume, lead generation, and sales.

Case Study on Social Media Strategy

One social media strategy example is a case study on Peel that makes a cell phone case. Peel built a brand in this extremely competitive industry and carved a niche. Peel sells thin phone cases that are stylish. It made wonderful use of social media to showcase products and wooed customers in style.

Peel’s Facebook video ads tell the story of how the brand’s products are different from others. The FB campaign gave it a 16 fold jump in revenue and saw the ROI has increased three times.

Peel also ran a visually appealing Instagram feed. Peel’s campaign’s highlight was the focus on customer interaction.

Give Primacy to Customer Acquisition

For a sustained and successful social presence, there must be a plan comprising mini-plans for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The social media plan must list out the social outreach goals by aligning them with larger business goals.

In the case of social media marketing for businesses of the plan, the goals have to be SMART—specific, measured, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

However, the core goal can still be customer acquisition and increasing conversion rate if not harvesting more likes. As for solid social media techniques,  updated information on company pages and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are hugely important.

Stale or incorrect information will erode credibility and followers can vanish. Due to attention to the logo, background images and consistency of information in social outlets is most important.

To stay in limelight posting at least one content a day is a must. Also, keep a watch on the competition by following it on Twitter and Instagram.

Emerging Social Media Trends

Among the best social media best practices 2018 storytelling is a common trend. The best example is the roaring success of Instagram’s Humans of New York that is thriving on emotional story content.

Certainly, the days of promo links are gone in FB and elsewhere. Storytelling has less emphasis on call for action. The aim is broadening of discussion than bringing clicks and likes.

In the matter of social media promotion strategy tapping newsletters will be a good idea. If social icons are added at the base it makes easy for the audience to find them.

According to some social media marketing companies, direct promotion of social media accounts via newsletters is a plausible idea by creating fan sections at the bottom with photos of community members.

In social media strategy, 2019 live videos are certain to dominate. Their massive user engagement rates in terms of Likes and comments plus the shareability keep them in good demand. The upcoming Watch Party feature is another brilliant addendum to it.

Learn the Effective Social Media Use

Effective social media use also entails the capability to leverage automation tools to simplify the work. Tools like Hootsuite can centralize all social media messages about a company and assemble them into a single dashboard making response mechanisms easy than logging onto 10 different social media accounts.

Get Fresh Content Feed

By making a list of sites that publish high-quality content a source for fresh content can be created. By adding an RSS reader like Feedly a business can source the latest posts of relevant content directly.

Make a Social Media Calendar

Making a social media calendar helps in posting the right content to the social channels at the right time. Here the 80-20 rule can be applied; let the bulk of the informing content must educate and entertain with 20 percent going for the promotion of a brand or helping in the product sale.

Remember that people who come to social posts want to see more visual content on Facebook and other social media. Twitter data affirms that engagement rates soar when there are so many visual elements such as video, infographic, photo or GIF in the content.

Content accrues value if it has the following characteristics.

  • Relevance to the audience
  • Usefulness
  • Entertaining

Use a Social Media Management Tool

Using Social media management tools like Sprout Social can make social media postings in rapid frequency. The benefits are

  • Content is splashed across multiple platforms
  • Scheduling of posts in advance becomes easy
  • Ability to see social media feeds in a single dashboard
  • No hassle of handling different social sites
  • Easy tracking of results

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

In the matter of content, quality matters more, The secret is the ability in connecting with the right audience than making a hasty presence on all social networks.

The social posts have to be structured with enough value load. Mere pitching and sale offers will not motivate people to follow.

In fact, the Stackla survey says 86 percent of consumers consider authenticity as the main factor in backing a brand.

The essence of social media tips and strategy is how to continue conversations with customers and followers. The ecosystem remains lucrative in building relationships than talking like a salesman all the time.

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