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Top Content Writing Tips and Strategy To Boost Your Business

Top Content Writing Tips and Strategy To Boost Your Business

The content of the website assumes huge importance as it is the face of a company that is seen by the outside world. Therefore any sloppiness will harm a brand and sales will suffer.

That is why content creation has become a strategic area requiring talented, professional and innovative writers.

Writers have to apply proven content writing tips and strategies in delivering the best content suiting different media.

As far as web writing is concerned, the content writing tips and strategy are very different from those used in newspapers and other media.

The urgency of knowing better content writing tips is underscored by the Salesforce survey that has underscored the value of well-written content that builds trust in the minds of visitors and customers and is more credible than the words of a top employee.

The survey’s 97% of respondents said bad content casts a poor light on a brand and hurts the marketers’ job as wrong brand perception endangers content promotion strategy, affects web traffic and conversions.

What Makes Content Viral?

Before looking at popular content writing tips and ideas, let us explicate the anatomy of a viral content that gives an emotional impact on the readers.

Megan Conley, Content Marketing Strategist at HubSpot throws some light on an ideal website content strategy. Good content inspires readers to actions.  That is why content writing best practices advocate writers to focus on creating an emotional impact on the reader as a consequence of reading the content.

Web writing is powerful, punchy and direct n which the sentence structure, word choice, and style have to be action-oriented. There must be an innovative use of unique and exciting verbs to influence the reader.

Web Content Tips

Writers of web content must treat the readers as wild animals on a prowl, and make content that can snatch their attention. According to the famous marketer, Jakob Nielsen online readers are searching for information that may be for buying products or taking a decision.

They look two things –does a website offer the info required and how far that info is useful?

Just as a hungry panther will not like wasting time catching a meal, web visitors also do not sit on a website if the content is not appealing. They can sense very quickly whether a site has the necessary information. A cluttered website will immediately repel a visitor.

Inverted Pyramid Model

According to research, only 16% of people read web pages word-to-word while others merely glance through them.  Marketer Steve Krug says it is important for the web page content to be self-explanatory mandating the copy to be simple and easy-to-follow.

Since digital content writing tips and strategy vary from conventional content writings mastering a few content writing tips and techniques is very essential.

Web content writing Elements

Web content writing is a different ball game and opposite to the essay writing. In an essay, the conclusion is an important point with early portions devoted to the overview. In web pages the situation is different; all the important points must go to the top.

Information that is most important to web visitors must come in the early part even if it is just a statement. Once that has been stated details and background information can follow. From a journalistic point of view, this is called an inverted pyramid. Overall, the following elements have to work well.

  • Make sure the headline communicates well
  • Make sure conveys a sales message
  • Place key points as subheadings
  • Use bullet points to cut down wordiness
  • Make the writing clear, direct and crisp.
  • Limit paragraphs to less than 100 words.
  • Use active voice
  • Avoid tough words

Match Depth With Length

The website content is evolving fast and turning more interactive involving pages, buttons, links helping visitors to achieve various goals.

The content writing tips and strategy 2019 will be more about balancing depth with size.

In content, deep digging depends on the total length of the content. Short content must limit the deep discussion to just one aspect while longer content can dwell on broad details.

As a content strategy, a good writer must know what readers want and plan the depth and length accordingly to keep readers engaged.

Tips to Produce High-Quality Content

Let us look at some tips and tricks that help to produce high-quality content consistently. Be abreast of trending content ideas to stay ahead and have the researcher’s mind all the time.

Research must be a continuous, ongoing exercise and not something has done piecemeal and hastily. Consistent research throws up the best ideas while executing writing.

When an idea strikes, look for

  • Major points behind the topic
  • Weblinks or URLs of sites offering extra information
  • URLs illustrating important points

Being in the research mode whenever online makes sketching an outline easy when a topic comes up for writing. Always look for material that can help in telling stories.

For example, if there is a social media post touching an important topic, save that URL and paste it into the cell where content ideas are stored. Scribble a few lines explaining why the material is important.

Tools for Storing Content Writing Tips and Research

Using Ever Note helps in saving Web pages to a cloud cluster for adding notes via tags allowing for future use of the information. Every Note is a flexible tool fit for easy customization suiting the needs of all users.

It is easy to make folders on the basis of writing projects, categories, and clients. That helps to organize web pages in any mode and adding statistics relevant to different topics is also easy.

Different Types of High Demand Content

There are many types of high demand content. Important ones include brand-focused content that builds narratives triggering human interest. They are ideal for content marketing too hard to sell products.

It is also written with options on third-party placement, newsletters, consumer-oriented propaganda, and blogs. It reflects the brand personality and expresses important messages.

SEO content is meant for high high-volume, short awareness with a focus on keywords and search engines. Here the skill is in integrating keywords to draw maximum search benefit. SEO content writers are indispensable for taking a website to higher ranks organically in search engine results.

Effective Digital Content Writing Tips

In digital content writing, outlining avoids pitfalls of too much information in one area and scanty matter in another. Make a skeleton piece mentally and address the most relevant parts and try to spread the message with more emphasis.

Using the best keywords across the content will enhance search-ability and traffic.

A digital content writer bears a huge responsibility in working within the framework of the online world’s content tactics and weaving his content to help customers and clients proceed with their complex digital journey towards business goals.

Road Ahead

The winners in content writing will be those who create moments of inspiration and set a reader on a journey, says Andrew Davis of Author Brandscaping.

For that, there must be a harnessing of emotion to inspire action. The demand for good content is spiking. It is being insisted on by search engines like Google and many social media channels. In best content writing, the challenge is to make brilliant content within a limited time for which the content strategy and tips above can help.

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