Plagiarism Checker Tools: Top 20 Free Online Plagiarism Detector Tools in 2019

Plagiarism Checker Tools: Top 20 Free Online Plagiarism Detector Tools in 2019

Plagiarism Checker Tools – The first question raised in audience mind that what is plagiarism detection tool and why it is to be used? Plagiarism is the word generally used for the copied content on the internet.


It is usually not illegal but in terms of content or article, it could get you in trouble if you find with copied content. To avoid plagiarism, there are Best And Top Free Plagiarism Checker Tools are available on the internet.

What is Plagiarism?



Here’s the list of Top Plagiarism Checker Tools Free Online

1. Edubirdie

Eubirdie is the Top Plagiarism Detector Tools Free which helps to find how much your content is copied.

Below are the instructions to use this tool.

  • You just need to attach the particular file or paste the whole text in the respective field.
  • Now, a button will display on the screen namely ‘check my essay’ click on it.
  • Wait for the engine to examine your request content.
  • You will receive a report of your content. It will be highlight any copied word or expression and also make you available with the source of the related same content.
  • This is all you need to do for checking plagiarism.

2. Small SEO tool

In the list of Top Plagiarism Checker Tools, Small SEO tool is one of the best tools for checking the text unique or not. You need to follow below simple points if you want to check the percentage of originality of your article.

  • Upload a document OR choose from Dropbox or just past the text in the text box.
  • To exclude any URL, click on ‘Exclude a specific URL’.
  • Finally, click on ‘Check Plagiarism’ button.

If any phrases or sentence shown in red means it already exists online and will not pass Google plagiarism tests.

3. Grammarly

If you are looking for free, Best And Top Plagiarism Detector Tools then Grammarly is one among many. It is an automated proofreader, plagiarism and even grammar checker for your text. This tool gives you feedback on your incorrect words, sentence structure, and conciseness and also highlights the sections that have been previously published elsewhere.

4. Search Engine Report Plagiarism checker

There are so many plagiarism checkers are available online but if you are searching for Top Plagiarism Checker Tools Free option then search engine report plagiarism checker is best to find the accurate result.

Criteria of the checker is simple. Just paste the specific content on the provided space and click on the “check for plagiarism” tab. That’s all need to do. The tool will run your content through millions of website to give you the report you require. Remember that if you will get red or green highlights. In this, green highlight indicates that your content is plagiarism free and if your sentence is highlighted in red colour means your content has already been published elsewhere.

5. Search engine reports

More than 80% of the audiences are living online whether they are collecting information or sharing their own views there. But if you want to check plagiarism for your content and not finding any sufficient tool then here we are going to tell you a simple way. Rather moving here and there in search of Top Online Plagiarism Checker Tools, just copy and paste your text on a search engine like Google or Bing and go for search. It will show you the related sites if your article or any word is found copied.

6. Unplug checker

Every plagiarism detection tool has some unique features. In this tool, service it offers a limited free check up to 500 words. It would call a disadvantage of the tool. But still, you can take advantage for less than 500 words and users treat it as Top Plagiarism Checker Software.

7. PlagiarismCheck.Org

Some tools have an advanced algorithm that detects your mistakes instantly. PlagiarismCheck.Org is the Best And Top Plagiarism Checker Tool that helps in finding from an exact match of the content to rearranging words, sentence structure, words substitute, and changing a sentence from active voice to passive or passive to active.

Note- It is a paid tool but offers a free trial for a certain period.

8. Copyscape

Copyscape is one of the oldest and prominent plagiarism checker websites. You can easily find the duplicate content by adding the URL. The one who wants fast and cheap result then they should go for Copyscape as it is one of the top Google plagiarism checker tools. However, it offers a service for free.

9. Plagiarism.Net

If you are content, blog or article writer, you need to be unique. Don’t even think to copy from anywhere because plagiarism may destroy your career life. If you do not want to be in trouble then go with Plagiarism.Net. Here you can paste your text in more than 190 languages. You can call it one of the Top Websites Plagiarism Checker Tools because it does not store uploaded content in their memory and support different languages.

10. Webconfs – Similar Page Checker

This tool allows you to determine the percentage of similarity between two content pages. Top online plagiarism checker tools will help you to find similar content to other websites, or pages from within your own website could similar to each other.

Hence, meaning of plagiarism is actually straightforward. There is no place for the writers who do not write their actual words. With the help our article, we strive to make you aware with the people who steal other intellectual property.

In this article, we have discussed the Top Free Plagiarism Checker Software and help you to understand why you might be caught in the filter and what the ways to avoid it are. Hoping these Top Plagiarism Finder Tools will surely give you better service. Here, we have to accept the fact that free tools have their limitations but still despite spending on paid services these free Top Plagiarism Detector Tools Online give you mind-blowing results.


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